the day after

Not so bad is what I think. I feel great. I’ve had a lot of nice phone calls. One of the Republican candidates emailed me with some really kind remarks. I’ve heard nothing from Joan Buchanan, no “race well run” stuff. Maybe I’m supposed to contact and congratulate her? Not sure what the protocol here is. My preference is we both go our own way. I think she faces a very close race, at best, in November. Abram Wilson, her opponent, seems low key and a safe choice. A very moderate guy, and there aren’t too many moderates on the Republican side, so he’ll be appealling. I’m sure the Republican Party will pour in the money and consultants to help him.

As for me, I’m going to continue with my blog and website. I want to thanks all of the 9,700 people who voted for me. Someone emailed and said “ten weeks ago, there were hardly nine people who knew you, yesterday 9,000 people voted for you”. I received nice emails from Tom Campbell, the Dean of the Haas at UC-Berkeley and from Leon Panetta in Monterey. Both of them very much liked the “Blueprint for California” idea which was published by the Contra Costa Times and was considered by the LA Times. Leon Panetta has forwarded the idea to “California Forward, a Sacramento think tank which has put it on their agenda.

I met a lot of great people these past weeks including: l. Olivenbaum, the single mothers in San Leandro, Mike Flanagan, Anne Johnston, Mike Machado, Judy Fuji, John Hall, Lisa Vorderbreuggen, Dan Borenstein, John Glennon, Scott Kamena, Judy LLoyd, Abram Wilson, and many others. To all of you, I extend my heartfelt thanks.  


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